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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  March 21, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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are firing back against claims that a ghost writer penned their recent cookbooks. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> thanks so much leopold. breaking news overnight in france. they raided a home in a possible suspect in the school shootings. >> reporter: gop presidential candidate mitt romney will be heading to maryland later. and all of those stories are just ahead on this wednesday morning.
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good morning. i'm megan pringle. very foggy when i came in. and that seems to be the theme this week. yes, same old same old. mild and humid as well. so it is not going to be a good hair day, ladies what so far. visibility reduced in baltimore, within mile, two in easton, five in frederick. if you're travel together district, one mile visibility this morning. and this will persist through the morning. and we're dealing with maryland's most powerful radar is not picking up on the misting. but that will linger all morning long. and i know a check that have traffic with angela. good morning. good morning. the fog is out there misting when i came in also. as a result of the fog, we got rid of our two way traffic
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pattern on the bay bridge already this morning. and let's get a live look how things are out there. not too bad on this stretch of downtown. if you're travel together tunnels, 95 and 895 both looking good. foggy conditions, 695 and harford road and extra caution as you head out on the drive this morning. breaking news this morning. french police officers have exchanged gunfire. they're still negotiating right now with a man they believe is involved in the killing of three children and a rabbi in a jewish school. the french interior ministry said that the suspect threw a handgun out the window but have other guns with him. they say that he will turn himself in later this afternoon. he claims that he has connections to al qaeda and wanted revenge for the killing of children in the middle east.
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we'll bring you the latest as the details come to us. with 54 delegates at stake in illinois, mitt romney will take home most of them. he has claimed victory. rick santorum has claimed a close secretary. what is next? saturday's primary in louisiana. today mitt romney will make its way to maryland. he will be in our state for a few events. linda so is standing by with more on romney this afternoon. >> reporter: romney will hold a town hall-style meeting this morning at the american legion at 3:30 this afternoon. the public is invited to attend. this will be romney's only stop in maryland. earlier in the week, the
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campaign said they would top in annapolis. but that has been canceled. this comes up weeks two week before maryland's primary. there will be a conference call to criticize. >> if you are mitt romney, you'll love this budget because it provides another round of tax cuts for the wealthiest americans and does it at the expense of middle class taxpayers and seniors. >> reporter: this event is open to the public. if you plan to attend the meeting today, the advice is to get here early because parking is limited. today is romney's wedding anniversary. he's celebrating 37 years together with his wife.
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and with candidates making their way to maryland, the primary day is coming up. that will take place tuesday, april 3rd. early voting begins this saturday and march 26th through the 29th. baltimore's mayor will preview her budget for 2013. >> reporter: in a few hours, mayor blake will introduce her preliminary budget plan at the board of estimates meeting at city hall. she's trying to reduce a $48 million budget shortfall. there will be less taxes for hovens, pens figuring how much of the cost will be passed on to the city and the city is reduction the health care costs by $20 million. and it's important to note that the police department is fully funded. there are no layoffs and no cuts to education. for the fire department, there are no morrow indicating closures.
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there is a mention of permanently closing three fire companies. the mayor will submit her budget proposal to the board of estimates this evening then it needs to be approved by the city council and then voted on by june. the effects could go in affect in july 2012. goal of this legislation is to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. the spokesman for the governor said that he will veto the legislation should it pass. another bill being heard today is on missing children. this is called phylicia barnes law. baltimore county school board has given the go-ahead to
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build a new elementary school in the maize -- may chapel park. they say that the best site to build the new school to relieve the overcrowding. mays chapel park is surrounded by retirement and assisted living communities. >> only thing they'll see are sidewalks and streets. there will not be any park of any value to walk. >> this site for the past 25 years has been designated as a school site and used as a park. >> and now the planning process begins. officials say that no more that have of the park will be used for the school and it is expected to open by 2014. 4:37. it's a battle that many adults are facing. we're talking about losing
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weight and keeping the weight off. we have some weight loss myths. we have some best ways to beat the bulge. we'll tell you the secrets ahead. students and parents are coping after tornadoes destroyed their schools. here's a picture of the statue of liberty from new york city. 57 degrees in maryland. we'll be right back with more weather and traffic just ahead.
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a big day for students and teacher in southern indiana. kids will be returning to class after the tornado in early march. but things will look different the henryville staff are working to decorate the new classrooms for their temporary home which is a nearby church.
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parents got a sneak peek yesterday. >> it feels like a school to me. and that is the community in henryville. wherever the teachers are, it will be henryville. >> they have plenty of supplies and everything else that the students need. it's nice to see things move along. you're right. they're getting a break today to go back to school. but that long stream moisture sliding across the middle part of the nation again. there is a severe weather threat into louisiana for today and also arkansas. so we'll keep our eye on that this system is one that will work its way in here for us over the weekend. but in the meantime, we're dealing with foggy conditions this morning. and west clouds hovering at the ground and overahead. we see that the air is
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saturated a hundred percent. very humid this morning. let's talk about the fog and get a check of the traffic. good morning. i'm beginning to sound like a broken record. plan for extra travel time. the fog is thick out there. we have a live shot in a moment. i want to show what you -- to show you what it is looking like for those of you coming into the city. we're looking pretty good north of the beltway with all the lanes open. u.s. 50, westbound blocking in the left lane was debris in the roadway. imagine going your car and finding this. it's filled with bees. how would you like to own a little piece of baltimore's history. the landmarks that are going up for sale in town. details on that just ahead.
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five things you need to know before you go. president obama is heading out of town to nevada this morning and talk about solar plants and green jobs. and then he'll take his energy tacks to oklahoma and ohio. it's opening night in baltimore for the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. today is kick butts day. kids across the country are
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asking to quit smoking and to avoid secondhand smoke. and today is down syndrome day and to look at it and how the people with down syndrome affect our lives. we're working for you with some myth busters. we've been told if you lose a lot of weight fast, you'll pack the pounds and bring them back on. secret number one says that people that lose weight fast out of the gates lost more and kept it off longer. exercise, do long cardio work outs. and they say that intertrail training raises your heart rate and could be the secret to success. and drinking a glass of red
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wine is good for fight fat. remember this one glass good, three glasses bad. ibuprofen can help with light-headedness and headaches. they say it was about as effective to treat altitude sickness with fewer side effects. doctors of maryland medical center have completed a facial transplant. they completed the 36 hour operation yesterday. the hospital is the second in the nation to perform a full- face transplant. more details about the surgery and the details about the 37- year-old man will be released next week during a news conference. if you want, you can have your own piece of baltimore history 15 different landmarks in the city are going up for
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sale. and that includes the uptown mansion, the water tower and the famous shot tower. >> it is unique and so baltimore, everything about it the bricks that were made in baltimore. everybody remembers coming as a kid. there's a love and passion for the tower. the community of baltimore will support it if we have a program that they love to come to and bring their kids to. >> city is expected to hire and appraise tore determine the value. -- appraiser to determine the value. they want to cut down on costs. catholics in our area has a new leader. pope benedict xvi has chosen bishop lorrie to take over. he has been outspoke and what he calls the erosion of
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religious liberty, including the pressing issue in maryland, same-sex marriage. >> i'll be teaching as a bishop but working all of the bishops in maryland and all the other leaders as the referendum unfold. >> lorrie will be baltimore's 16th archbishop. he currently is the bishop in connecticut. baltimore county police said that a suspect in bad shape after a chase started baltimore city and ended in woodlawn. it endd when the suspect crashed the vehicle around midnight at woodlawn drive. and anne arundel county, the council has subpoenaed police chief to answer questions about the corruption case involving john leopold.
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the accusations include having officers drive him to parking lots, so he could have sex with another county employee. two victims are out of the hospital after a triple stabbing in owennings mills after a fight broke out. about five people took off from the area in a white car that was later found outside northwest hospital where one of the stabbing victims was taken. and a second man was found next. and shots were fired in the streets. but they have not found anyone with gunshot injuries. no one right now has been arrested. take a look at this surveillance video. an suv slams into a gas pupil and burst into flame --gasas pump and burst into flames. everybody made it out of the
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gas station safely. we know texting and driving and dangerous. but it turns out that texting and walking is too. this woman fell into the watt term the woman was fully dressed and tread water till a bystander jumped in and pulled her out safely. we're told it's our civic responsibility, jury duty. look who recently got summoned in connecticut, this nine-year- old. the reports indicate that he was born in 1982 which would make him 39. >> you decide if they are
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guilty or not guilty. >> i think he would be do well and impartial and objective as long as there's no jury tampering, as long as nobody offered him xbox games he would do what he was asked. >> he first got summoned when he was two years old. so they believe there is a clerical error. it looks like there could be few lawyers in the country and in our country's future. the for the second straight year the number of people taking the test has dropped. there's about a 16% decrease in the test. that is the biggest decline in a decade. getting a law degree doesn't mean getting a job in the legal market that is in pretty bad shape. how do you get rid of 25,000 bees?
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your car or home? home has bees. this man drove don't highway about 60 miles an hour. he said that the bees didn't budge. so-called the bee keeper to help. and here are pictures of people trying to capture the bees. they tried to use a box of honey to try to get them out. but that did not last. >> they came out 25 minutes and then went back into the engine of the car. the bee keeper said maybe they just got a little confused. it was a sure sign that spring was finally here. people were lined up at rita's italian ice. they were giving away free italian ice at all 550 stores
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in about 18 states to celebrate the first day of spring. >> that is why i missed my rita's because the line was too long. >> and yesterday was beautiful. >> it was. it finally got beautiful. you remember all the fog. and we're doing it again this morning. but it will be nice enough to have rita's today. hint hint, producessers. 61 in washington d.c. right now. and throw in the fact that we're humid. it's an uncomfortable feeling. we have two mile visibility in baltimore, one in easton, zero in washington d.c. right now, nine in york. this will be the scenario as you go through the remainder of the morning. these are going to be slow to
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move out of here just like we saw yesterday. so a carbon copy. we need to get together and did a little remix here. future trend not picking up through the day. but we could see scattered showers and thunderstorms popping up. i'll keep that chance in here as we go through today and tomorrow. the hour-by-hour forecast has the fog still lingering by 8:00. lunchtime, things will start to improve a bit. we'll get more sunshine in the later afternoon and evening that we go. we will warm up as we go into thursday and friday with the showers moving back in as we go into the weekend. let's get a check of that traffic with angela. good morning. how is the fog once again? we are sounding like a broken record. very foggy conditions out there and fog warnings on a couple of
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the area bridges. but i'll give you a travel advisory. if you take forest park avenue, we have a closure due to a water main break between windsor mill and the city county line. in the meantime, let's get a look at the conditions out there. traveling around 695 right now, other than than being foggy, we're incident free. i want to give you another live shot of u.s. 50 where we have a lot of fog through queens town and we're still blocking a westbound lane of 50 with debris in the roadway. we have an update about the suspect in the deadly jewish school shootings. we'll get you updated on the latest information. and what is being done with the bodies of the four victims today. and it was a deadly day, the ninth anniversary of the instation of iraq. we have the -- invasion of iraq. we have the latest numbers when
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we come back.
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french police conducted a raid on a home where the suspect in the jewish school shooting is reportedly located. three officer have been wounded in a standoff. the suspect shows no signs of surrendering. and french president received the bodies of the victims at an airport in paris. their bodies will be taken to israel to be buried today. president obama's eldest daughter after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake took parts of mexico shaking them. she was there on a class trip for spring break. they said that she was not in any danger. hundreds of home it's collapse. proved to be a deadly day in the ninth anniversary of the u.s. invasion of iraq. 41 people were killed and 200 wounded in


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